Business Development Consulting

Helping Organizations and People Grow

I accomplish this by providing:

1) Business Development Training
2) Business Development Coaching
3) Business Development Strategy, Planning and Execution

By working collaboratively with my clients, I am able to provide business development and sales training and coaching. I leverage 30 years of varied industry experience and an extensive professional network to help my clients grow.

I also help organizations and people grow by teaming up with top notch leadership, strategy and business development professionals locally and across North America to provide unique and powerful growth solutions.

The Evolution of professional sales

The sales world has changed significantly in recent years and as a result, sales professionals need to evolve so they don’t fall behind by using outdated selling tactics. Relational skills that help you earn your customer’s trust are essential to your ability to help your customers and ultimately your success.

Scott Donald Business Development Solutions works with companies to grow individual skills and install systems and processes that ensure predictable and sustainable sales results. When overall skill levels improve and the right sales infrastructure is in place, sales organizations can realize significant benefits:

  • More effective salespeople who generate more business
  • Greater time management by focusing on the right-fit customers
  • Generating on higher margin business
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Greater success gaining appointments-with the right people
  • Better client relationships resulting in better results for everyone
  • Reduced salesperson turn-over
Sales Training Webinars
To accomplish this we have created a series of webinars designed to help evolve sales people into even more effective sales professionals.  These 75 minute webinars include such sales skills as:
  • Trust – Your Competitive Advantage
  • The Impact of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in Sales
  • Purpose-Driven Sales
  • Soft Skills in Sales
  • Are you Selling to the Right Person?
  • Identifying Right-Fit Customers
  • Listening Improves Customer Experience
  • Managing Objections
  • Elements of a Successful Sales Plan 

For the last few years, I have worked at growing my consulting practice. This includes Business Development and Leadership Development training and coaching. My training practice includes clients such as:
The North Dakota Petroleum Council
The Petroleum Equipment & Services Association
The American Wind Energy Association

Locally I have worked with clients that include the United Way and the World Trade Centre Winnipeg.

Sales Coaching

Why coaching?

“Everyone needs a Coach. We all need someone who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” -Bill Gates, Microsoft

Everyone has their own reasons for working with a coach and what they expect to get from it. It’s important to know why you joined and what you expect from it. Share this with your Coach. What you put in to this program will determine what you gain.


  • One to One
  • Confidential
  • 1.5 hr – Live, Video or Phone


  • Help With Planning
  • No Judging
  • Provide Sounding Board
  • Help Keep On-Track
  • Offer Different Perspectives
  • Provide Ideas/Tools/Tactics/Resources