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Trust, Your Competitive Advantage webinar (June 10th @ 12 pm CST)

Trust lies at the foundation of all sales. In high-trust relationships, the customer sees the seller as an advisor. Buyers answer questions, are forthright and share information freely—because they know the seller will use it to help them (ABH – Always Be Helping). Trust becomes YOUR competitive advantage.

This 75 minute program will help you learn skills to develop Trust and give you a deeper appreciation of the value of Trust as a competitive advantage.

Learning Objectives

  • Earning Trust (and the science that backs it)
  • Components of the Trust equation
  • Understanding brain science & how it relates to Sales
  • Create a great Customer Engagement Model that builds Trust

Quite often when I meet someone I haven’t seen for awhile they say ‘Hey Scott what are you up to these days’? My sense is they are genuinely confused and interested in what I am doing ‘these days’. This in spite of the fact that I...

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