What current coaching clients are saying:

“It was helpful seeing the views of others to the questions I have. The coaching session has helped me think outside the box. It has also given me great insight on ways to conduct my everyday business to further advance my career.”

Reed Neff, Regional Sales Manager-Permian

Stabill Drilling

I enjoyed the fact that it felt more like collaboration instead of coaching- we discussed issues together and worked out practical solutions that I have not had insight to before.

Coaching reinforced the need to be more prepared and that everything can use a plan. I also am being more employee focused and taking the time to engage with teammates without judging.

It was nice to view my work behavior in an open forum, what I mean is the purpose was to become better without focusing on what I do wrong. I have also never developed a personal strategy plan and that is something on plan on doing shortly.”  

Chris Mencor, Director of International Sales


“First thought was “man…1.5 hrs seems a little long”. However, I just went back and looked at our scheduled calls that we’ve had and they were 1.5 hrs and they never seemed overextended. Shorter follow up conversations were also helpful to specifically cover/touch on some things that we didn’t get to spend enough time on.
The coaching role should never be confused with being a counselor- but sometimes having the opportunity to talk freely/open about your current situation & where you want to be is refreshing. 

Your viewpoints/interpretations/suggestions have been constructive & well received. It allowed me to better understand my strengths, weaknesses & other stakeholders I’m communicating with on a weekly basis (internal & external).”

Blake Matthews, Sales

Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure


“I enjoyed the focused one-on-one structure. I also enjoyed speaking on career development and strategic improvement, rather than some of the general tactics in selling (call logs, cold calling, verbal/nonverbal communication, etc.).

One on one sessions help the coachee to open up and talk through some of the topics they may not have been bold enough to discuss in a group setting”

Trevor Stribling, Exec. National Acct. Manager

MRC Global

“I liked the 1-on-1 coaching aspect in terms of being personalized to the individuals needs. Additionally, Scott is very easy to work with and shows passion for what he does! He listened, and assisted by providing some tools and ideas to to address some concerns such as how I can better manage for performance, and have a positive influence on my peers.”

John Connelly | Engineering Manager

NOV Completion & Production Solutions

“Coaching provided the opportunity to engage with someone who has a significant amount of experience in this realm, which was very helpful. It is nice to be able to speak with someone about the issues I come across and if there are better ways to resolve those issues than how I am currently handling them. 

I believe 1 on 1 coaching forced me to take some time out of my busy schedule to focus on myself and talk with someone about how to apply the concepts that we are learning through this PESA program. In the end I think these coaching sessions are going to make me a more well-rounded person which in turn will help me coach/train other employees within my company that are not going through this program.”

Roger A. Norman III, Sr. Manager, Tubular Products & Services

Frank’s International 

It’s good to meet new people and hear feedback from different sources than normal. 1:1 coaching sessions are great for direct feedback, brainstorming ways to solve current issues, or goal setting for the future.”

Dustin Anderson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing


“Coaching helped to take the jumbled thoughts in my head and narrow them down for me…or basically you did.  So where I didn’t have a lot of focus because I wasn’t sure where to start, now I have written, achievable goals making it easier to focus on self-development rather than getting lost in day-to-day.

The coaching session was extremely helpful, especially since it’s basically tailored to my needs.”

Morgan Gautreaux, PHR
Oil States Energy Services

“It is nice to get feedback from someone who has no vested interest. You are able to provide a point of view that is simply from your knowledge, education and experience and it doesn’t rely on what you know or don’t know about the one being coached.
The coaching session provides an opportunity to the one being coached to think about the answers they provide and consider what is really important to them as an individual. 

The one on one coaching session has helped me professionally because it very clearly provided the action steps necessary to get where I want to be. As well it outlines what behaviors to demonstrate who I want to be in the work place.

It was a small time commitment to get big results

I could not be happier that I had you as a coach. You have a true passion for people, you have been blessed with a fantastic sense of humor. Thank you for providing tips to help me stay focused on the big picture and making time for myself.”

Kerrie Greer, Senior Operations Coordinator

Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure


“Professional development is something that’s very important but not frequently talked about. Having someone who can ask me good questions and make me think about things from a new angle has helped me with some sales blind spots.

I appreciated your help so far”

Charles Jessup, Business Facilitation Manager

Technip FMC

“What I enjoyed about the coaching experience was the engagement and interaction for one, and the candid conversation for the other. It’s easier to discuss with a neutral party and there are no expectations that we are perfect, so it makes it easier to explore areas of improvement without feeling scrutinized or it being revealed as a weakness. Also, you make it a fun conversation and ask great questions.

Further, it allowed me to focus on areas of improvement and offered the opportunity for self-reflection. What am I doing well, what do I need to work on? It also inspired me to write an article and plan personal development time.”

Nichola Alexander, Director, Global Marketing & Communications

Rubicon Oilfield International

“I have enjoyed the one on one feedback and conversation versus larger group coaching sessions. Seems to be more engaging and easier to exchange ideas and recommendations honestly. I think the session has helped me open up my perspective of how to go about engaging with my customers more effectively.”

Jason Smith, Lead Design and Development Engineer

Vulcan Industrial

“Scott was very down to earth and drove the conversation in a worthy direction but also let it flow during at the right times. It has certainly helped me. I was mentally prepared for certain situations to arise and feel like I could adapt some of my learning to other situations in the future.”

Steven Scotland | Aftermarket Manager

National Oilwell Varco

“It was helpful to have an outsider’s perspective on the ins and outs for best navigating my career. Also, the notion that it is a one-to-one confidential discussion. It’s energizing to review concepts, have your thinking vetted, affirmed and also challenged.

You are a great coach with lots of good things to say. I look forward to continued discussions.”

Michael Mann, Principal Engineer, Pressure Control

Weir Oil & Gas

“Getting second opinions and feedback on ideas, as well as being challenged on some preconceived ideas made me start to look at things a little differently which will help shift my approach. One on one coaching also provided a comfortable environment where I could speak freely which lead to more engagement and back and forth on concepts and ideas.

We did a follow up session which, I do not think was mandatory as part of the program, but I found it very helpful as it allowed me to use and think about the things discussed and then give/get feedback on those experiences”

Greg Howlett, Manager, Business Development & Strategy

Frank’s International


“It is nice to hear an independent opinion not necessarily within my industry/organization. We get so wrapped up in the grind with work and coworkers that it’s refreshing to take a step back and hear a different view point.

One on one coaching helped me focus on setting goals and recognizing what I’m good at. For me I tend to focus on my negatives and how to improve. While I think it’s good to think about that, it can put me in a vicious circle that pulls me down.

Love the passion and dedication, it shows you do care about the quality of work you put in and trying to understand someone that you have not had prior experience or exposure to.”

Kyle Krenek, National Account Manager

MRC Global

What Past Clients and Co-workers had to say:

Krista Bissett

Executive Director at Connect Employment Services Inc.

I got to know Scott over the past few years when he began his foray into the world of nonprofits – in particular the disability service sector. Scott demonstrated a genuine interest and enthusiasm in learning about our industry, and the needs of our organization in particular. Scott exuded enthusiasm and acquired a good understanding of this sector. We very easily formed a working partnership over beta testing a database product. While the focus of our working relationship was a beta testing project, Scott also assisted us in building strategic partnerships with members of the business community. Scott easily understood our organizations needs and was very helpful in identifying solutions to our challenges. It was very impressive how connected Scott is within the business community and his innate talent for developing strong relationships. In the future, we hope to continue to develop our business working relationship.

Team Lead, Enterprise Infrastructure at Great-West Life

I had the good fortune to work directly with Scott in multiple companies. Scott always brings energy, humour, and a great work ethic to his customer interactions. Scott is honest, open, and highly knowledgeable about whatever product he is representing; this allows him to determine what the customer needs and match the appropriate product to it. I recommend Scott for his integrity and excellent work ethic.

Austin Abas

Regional Managing Partner, Regions West at KPMG Canada

Scott has worked with our team and myself on our business develpment and market activities. I would recommend Scott to any organization that is looking to grow.

Marnie Marshall

Team Lead Customer Support, Carrier & Government Services

Scott is one of the most authentic, hard working and passionate people I know. Throughout our 10+ years of working together (at both Sprint Canada and Rogers), I was blessed to be in the presence of Scott’s enthusiasm, tenacity, wit and overall desire to not only do the job he was hired to do, but to go above and beyond every time. I learned a great deal about the Telecom industry and business practices in general from Scott

Fred Newton

Network Engineering, Design and Support Specialist

I have had the pleasure to work with Scott at Rogers Business Solutions from 1999 to 2007 in the areas of Voice and Data networking. Scott has a reputation for honesty, hard work, and has always enjoyed contributing his expertise and knowledge to the rest of the team across Western Canada. Scott is definately a people person and has a proven track record for providing innovative and sound telecommunication and voice solutions to his customers. He is viewed by his peers and clients alike as a trusted advisor and partner.